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Gaytes Voice & Unified Messaging Solution
Simplifies Communication

Fax Server allow inbound and outbound fax calls, allow of the members of the organization to send and receive faxes at their personal workstations. The software runs on dedicated server that connect to an organization’s local area network. This increase employee productivity and efficiency while minimizing manual fax processing, and reduce the ongoing costs associated with a fax machine.

Gaytes Fax Server provides a comprehensive set of enterprise fax and e-document delivery features and benefits that make it easy to use and manage companies, departments and work groups.

• Network-wide Desktop Faxing: Send and receive documents directly from desktop
• Email Integration: Send, receive and manage faxes directly from SMTP Compliant email
• Broadcast Fax: Improve efficiency, broadcasting documents to many at the same time
• Immediate and Scheduled Delivery: Enhance service levels with instant document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery for off-peak telephone rates
• Inbound Routing: Route inbound fax documents efficiently and securely to recipients via DID, DTMF
• Create and send documents from native applications
• Phone books: Store frequently used fax numbers and groups in a single location for easy access

Fax Server Key Benefits :
• Provider customers with a higher level of service
• Improve Business Performance and Processes
• Improve Customer Communication
• Reduce Costs
• Enhance Productivity
• Improving the quality and timeliness of the documents
• Enhance Privacy & Security
• Reduce the costs associated with fax machine

Voice Mail Solution is a centralized recording facility that records voice messages when you are unable to take a call. It has enabled people to Ieave Iengthy, secure and detailed messages in natural voice, working hand-in-hand with corporate phone systems. The adoption of voicemail in corporations have improved the flow of communications resulted into saving of huge amounts of money.

Enterprise wide voice mailing and retrieval system, featuring message forwarding, group mailing, acknowledgments and directory assistance. It's available in b0th Desktop and Web based format.
ZVMS GOLD 11.3 (Voice Mail Solutions) System is easy to customize integrated within the existing Voice Mail communications Solution.

Key Benefits :
Dynamic Call Handling : Dynamic call handling in a fast courteous answering to incoming calls. Retrieval deletion and access of message from any corner of the globe. Windows Interface - GUI with Drag-n-Drop Icons : A Windows User-lnterface (GUI) helps the operator to setup the system in an extremely easy way. With drag and drop icons, voicemail systems can be designed and created within minutes right at the customers site. PABX / KTS Supported : Supports practically any PBX / KTS Systems with or without in-band Signaling.

Scalability : from 4 ports to 96 ports on a PC and with no restriction on scalability, the product offers you unlimited growth options along with the growth of your organization.

Key Features :
• Built in Auto Attendant
• Multi Lingual Support
• In-bound/out-bound Signaling Support
• Call Flow based Voicemail configuration
• Configurable Message notification & forwarding
• Unlimited Mailbox creation
• Security based mailbox access
• Greeting Message
• Configurable mailbox size
• Supports Iunch and night mode operation
• Message navigation & forwarding over telephone
• Time based - working / non working hour based call handling

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System ) is an automated telephony system which responds by way of pre-recorded voice messages. Information and services can be achieved through any touch-tone telephone. Today, this facility is widely used by various industries across the globe to respond to the most frequently asked questions and to provide information required by callers. The major benefits of the system are automated access to information, 24 hour operations and consistent quality voice responses.

What is IVRS ?
Interactive Voice Response is just one form of Computer Telephony(CT) that is becoming commonplace in automating the handling of telephone calls. You have probably used CT technology regularly without realizing it. When you place a call to a business and are asked by an automated voice to enter a number on your touch-tone phone, you're using one common type of CT application: a Voice- Mail or Auto-Attendant system.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the technology that takes this one step further and allows people to interact with a computer through their telephone, and the use of these systems in organizations of all sizes is growing rapidly.

The reason for this growth is the benefits you gain when CT is used in conjunction with other computer and communication technologies to reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase sales.

Here are just a few examples of the ways Computer Telephony can benefit businesses of all sizes:
• Telephone Banking
• Making Bookings for Cabs and Couriers
• Auto-Attendant Systems for directory assistance
• Fax-on-demand for technical support information Message Recording
• Information hotlines
• Interactive systems that provide public transport Schedules on command
• Automated customer service systems that allow you to check order status
• Outbound Dialing

Key Features :
• Hassle free software installation & easy to use
• Supports various PBX/ EPABX/ KTS
• Call transfer to other phone numbers or extension
• Database access integrated
• Music-on-hold
• IVR script templates

Voice & Unified Messaging Solution is the concept of bringing together all messaging media such as voice messaging, email, and facsimile into a combined communications experience. Minimally, the communications experience will take the form of a unified mailbox and/or alert service, allowing the end-user to have a single source for message delivery, access, and notification.

Voice & Unified Messaging :: Features
• E Mail - e mail / Fax (TIFF attach.) / Voice (Using Text-To-Speech)
• Fax - email (Fax attach.) / Voice (Notification) / Fax (Pull & Push)
• Voice - email (WAV attachment) / Voice (Pull & Push – Mobile/Phone)


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