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Attendance Management

Gaytes Attendance Management Solution
simplifies you employee management needs.

Card Based
Gaytes Card Based Attendance System is popular nowadays at most organizations. Their main aim is to determine that attendance and hours spend by each employee at work. This is easy and less time consuming and helps evaluate work hours.

Finger print
Gaytes Finger Print Attendance System is based on biometric technology and generates reports that provide better management and information on employee time tracking. This allows HR staff to easily review in-and-out punches by week or entire pay period. It captures and automatically processes overtime and working hours.

Attendance Management Solution Gaytes Attendance Management solution would be one which is able to automate the tabulations of staff time clocking, calculate working hours and interface with payroll, requiring minimal human resources to achieve this objective. It will generate reports when required, allowing assessments and information to be readily available.


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