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Customer Relationship Management Applications
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Complaint management System
Complaint Management System is a solutions-product designed for use for various organizations mid-size to large-sized organizations, whose customer base and service and complaint handling plays an important role of their business process. Complaint Management System solution can be internal organization or external be it for customer service.

The solution is available in two forms one Telephonic Complaint Register another Web based Complaint Register. The system can be integrated with the SMS solution to send the registered complaint automatically to the near by service engineer for handling the complaint. Enhance the business by providing the Complaint Management System 24x7 days.

Disaster Management System
DMS :: Disaster Management System was designed for many such locations, where immediate and instant information can be sent out by just a click of a button. This product is developed for companies who need to deal with Disasters and Emergency Situations, wherein immediate notification of a disaster must be communicated to all concerned in the lowest possible time to all.

The product is developed to notify all in case of a disaster using three different mediums of communication:
• Telephones (Internal Extensions or External Numbers)
• SMS Notifications
• On-Screen Pop-ups on computer screens
• In-premise loudspeaker announcement – PBX supported

CRM, Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that enables organizations to get closer with their customers, to better serve their needs, improve customer service, enhance customer satisfaction and thereby maximize customer loyalty and retention.

CRM applications constitute a powerful suite of high-end tools that help to effectively streamline business sales, marketing and customer relationship functions.


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