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CTI (Computer telephony integration),
an innovated technologies to server
Telecommunication Industry

Operator Console / PC Console: The Gaytes phone systems software-based operator console interface has been designed to simplify common tasks of an operator attendant. The user friendly and feature rich software enables an operator to handle a high volume of calls maintaining personalized service. It allows one to screen the real time extension status, place outside calls, and conference calls to internal and external numbers. It also empowers the operator to put place calls on hold, transfer calls to extensions or directly to voicemail or even off site numbers with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.

Operator Console Key Benefits :
• High-Touch Customer Service
• Raise the Bar on Productivity
• Collaboration Equals Success
• Speed Dialing
• Incoming/Outgoing/Internal Call Monitoring
• Extension Monitoring’
• Trunk Line Monitoring
• Emergency Call Pop-up
• Call Under Watch
• Special Pop-up on specific caller-id

Application Areas :
• Any Office
• Call Centers
• Emergency Call Monitor
• Call Under Watch
• Security
• Government Offices

Operator Console :   UC6000
UC6000 Operator Console fills an essential business need without requiring your customers to invest in expensive console hardware.
UC6000 – is an enterprise wide intuitive, PC based Operator Console for their PBX-IP Centrex or Hosted PBX voice services.
UC6000 gives you a full control over your PBX lines in real time. You can see the state and the dialed number on any line you choose.
UC6000 lets you dial external or internal phones by just selecting them from the phonebook. No need to dial such a long numbers manually anymore - your PC will do it for you.
• When incoming call arrives UC6000 searches the Caller-ID number in the phonebook and displays the found item data on your PC screen.
UC6000 logs all the calls into the central database.
UC6000 Gaytes PC Console / Operator Console supported tapi based pbx like Panasonic PBX, NEC PBX, Siemens PBX, Avaya IP 500 PBX, Nortel BCM 50/500 PBX, Cisco Call Manager 5.0 PBX, Avaya IP 500 PBX, Nortel BCM 50/500 PBX.

Screen pop-up
Gaytes design and development team can create any screen pop-up applications which can work with any TAPI compliant switches Advantages of Screen

Screen Pop-up application are designed as per the customers business and their requirements .The application connects to the customer’s database and will allow for information to popup on the screen when a call comes or when a number is dialed.
• Though such screen popup applications are highly used in the call centers, our applications are designed to be used for any office, who would like to have complete information come up on the screen including CRM Integration.
• It is useful in all offices where some information needs to pop-up automatically when there is incoming call or outgoing call is made.
• Pop-up can be a form where an agent / user enters some data and stores in the database. Other pop-up can be integrated to the business database or business address book to pop-up the business transactions or information on the screen before the call is picked up.
Screen Popup requires that the PBX supports CTI / TAPI Interface.

Screen Pop-up Applications :
• Can be installed on any number of computers.
• License fee based
• Custom screen popup solutions
• GUI based and tight user DB integration
• Screen Pop ups for basic caller information
• Screen Pop ups for business transactions
• Screen Pop ups for customer information

Application Areas :
• Complaint management
• Call History with CRM Integration
• Service industry
• Support Centers
• Small and mini Call Centers

Soft Phones are software based telephones where user can make a call, maintains individual call list and use it to dial a call on single click of a mouse.

Soft Phones contains the functionality just like that of physical phone and much more. Software based phones, are cost effective and cheaper & easy to implement in the organization. Thus making the efficient & cost effective solution for the organization specially for large organizations.

Soft Phones are a dependant part of UC-6000 but can also be used independently without the need for installing the Operator Console. A server solution is required for running the Soft Phone.
Soft Phone can be installed on any number of PC’s to allow users to use the computer as a phone with many features like that of a Digital Phone.

• Shows online user status with call details
• Automatically dials number on click of a mouse
• Shows incoming call-queue
• Screen Pop-Ups on Inbound/Outbound Calls
• Call History and dial out directly from the call history
• Outlook or custom Address book integration
• Extension monitoring screen for all extensions on the Soft Phone Speed Dial
• Voice message notification in case our voice mail is also installed

Audio Conferencing system
The ‘Meet Me Conference’ software provides you a bridge of teleconferencing between Analog stations, Digital stations, Analog trunks and Digital trunks. The voice conference is bejeweled with voice-prompts to create live conference atmosphere.
With customers, employees, and suppliers located around the world, Gaytes teleconferencing solutions bring down the barriers of time and distance by bringing the right people together wherever they may be. It’s a simple and cost-effective telephone conferencing service, enabling users to talk with customers and colleagues when face-to-face meetings are not possible, there by resulting in savings of time and travel.

Features Included :
• Echo Cancellation.
• Easy GUI Software configuration.
• Inbound and Outbound conference creator.
• Create multiple groups of Conference.
• Create conference through a phone by pressing # key.
• User account is created to enter conference room.
• Unique authentification code to enter the conference room.
• Notification alert played to all the active users for anyone leaving.
• Allows users to acquire channel states and other relative information :
      o Channel number
      o Conference number
      o Conference-joining mode
      o Volume
      o Number of total and
      o Currently active participants
• Members can choose conference number, conferencing volume and conference-joining mode.
• Dynamically accepts surplus members as dynamic Speakers.
• Plays/stops background music of variable volume for the conference.
• Records teleconferences.
• Auto/Manual—Email Conference recording.
• Enter / Leave private conversation during conference.
• Plays voices files in the conference room.

CTI (Computer telephony integration), also called computer-telephone integration or CTI, is technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or co-ordinated. As contact channels have expanded from voice to include email, web, and fax, the definition of CTI has expanded to include the integration of all customer contact channels (voice, email, web, fax, etc.) with computer systems.


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