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Auto Reminder is an automated appointment scheduling and reminder system. When a reminder call is made, system allows customer to confirm, reschedule or leave a message. System delivers personalized messages to individuals at any time of the day, evening or even weekends. Web based user interface offers you to access from any machine which in LAN. If web site is hosted on Static IP then you can set schedule from any computer which has internet access.

AutoReminder helps you to manage customer appointments and improve client’s satisfaction. It saves time and money.

• Web Based Application, Easy to access
• Delivers personalize messages to any user via phone
• Scheduling of calls
• Scheduling of Mail
• Secured Authentication
• Automatic retry
• Delivers customized messages to live call
• Text to Speech
• Create Multiple groups for calling
• Supports group calling
• Supports Multiple user calling
• Rich Customer Contact Management
• Import contacts from Excel
• Import contacts from Outlook
• Customized reminder creation by minutes, hours, days and on particular date
• Drag facility to create reminder
• Rich Customer Contact Management
• Can view Hourly, daily, monthly and weekly reminders from home page
• Cross Browser compatibility

Business Benefits:-
• Fully web based interface
• Reduce no shows
• Increase your productivity
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Robust and reliable

Technical Details:-
• Web based interface for Appointment creation, call & mail scheduling,add    reminders
• Windows service for executing schedules
• Asterisk will fire a call when gets notification from  service
• Asterisk will get text from database and Converts it into speech
• It can work on PRI and Analog Line
• The limitation with Analog line is that dialing will be based on number of lines   assigned
• Example: Suppose we have a reminder for 8 Persons and we have only 4
  Analog line then we can call only 4 persons other 4 persons will be in queue.


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