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Call Center Solution

Z.CCS Gold, Call Center Solution meets all software
hardware requirements of a Call Center.

Outbound Call Center Solution : The Z.PDS GOLD 6.6 - Call Center software which ensures better productivity and efficiency from your outbound call center, The Gaytes auto dialer solution for Outbound Call Centers is based on the TAPI interface which is available in PBX (TDA-600).

The manager is offered a number of standard reports. The reports are aimed at Call Centers organizations. The reporting for a Call Center environment like help desk or inside sales department, is mainly aimed at the monitoring of calls, the average call duration and average waiting time.

Inbound Call Center Solution
Inbound call center is a call center where telephone agents field only incoming phone calls for a company or organization. Inbound Call Center Service is a necessity rather than a choice for Business. We have not left any stone unturned in the field of Call Center Services and Inbound Call Center Services is our niche segment.

• Our Inbound Call center Services
• Order taking
• Customer Care and Support
• Technical Helpdesk Support
• Answering Service
• Interactive Voice Response
• Inquiry Handling
• Direct Mail Response

Blended Solution
This software solution is blend of both Inbound and outbound call center solution.

• The product is built on around industry standard components and on Windows based Operating System
• The Architecture and scalability supports growth from a 4-Port System to over 64 ports on a single server that increases customers options and flexibility
• Our product platform architecture supports a large variety of configurations that meet a varying functional, processing, and storage needs. The system can be configured on any Operating system above WINNT. The Server, provides call handling, voice processing and voice storage in the form of WAV

PC Server - Call Center with PABX Features
Gaytes introduces a new concept server based call center solution. NO NEED FOR PURCHASING A PABX. Predictive / Progressive / Auto Dialer solutions using this new concept product.

Features : -

• No PBX required

• Includes Voice logger, Telephones, Dial Pad etc

• No third party integration required

• Features of PABX like Call pick up, Transfer , 3 party conference, MoH etc

• Highly cost effective and User friendly

• High end VoIP Technology

• Easy to expand from 10 users to 1000+ users

• Soft Phone licenses upgradable

• Multiple campaign functionalities

• Soft Phone licenses upgradable

• High on features including predictive dialing and PABX features

• Support PRI Trunk and VoIP Trunk

• Supports analog phones or even just Soft Phones

We can customize your future requirement in existing infrastructure at marginal cost

Call Center Solution The Z .CCS (Call Center Solutions) System is easy to customize, administer and use. The Z.CCS System can be integrated within the existing communications infrastructure. The product is developed on the defacto industry standard voice processing hardware. The product allows seamless LAN connectivity options. Also supported is full Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support for immediate and future CTI developments and the product is so developed that it supports PBX and PSTN integration.
Gaytes Call Center Solution The Z .CCS (Call Center Solutions) System supported tapi based pbx like Panasonic PBX, NEC PBX, Siemens PBX, Avaya IP 500 PBX, Nortel BCM 50/500 PBX, Cisco Call Manager 5.0 PBX, Avaya IP 500 PBX, Nortel BCM 50/500 PBX.


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