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Z.CLS Gold 11.2 is Gaytes Call Logging Solution

Voice Logger / Call Logger is supplied with Z.CLS GOLD 11.2 software to turn your PC into a digital audio recorder that can simultaneously record and play from phone lines or other audio sources. Recordings start and stop automatically using either phone line voltage sensing or audio activation.

Features :

• Live Call Status

• Caller ID and DTMF Detection

• Supports MP3, WAV & encrypted UP2 format

• Add information/caption to calls

• Auto CD wise folder back-up

• Live Barge-in Facility (Optional)

• Email Recorded files

• Web Client for remote access

• Web Base Voice Logging Solution

• Search on various criteria

• Various Reports in Text and Graphical view

• User Module includes: Add new User, Edit profile, Assigning mailing rights, Channel Access

• Many more features

Availabilities :

Analog Voice Logger :

1. 1 Port/ 2 Port/ 4 Port/ 8 Port on single USB Device
2. On Logger Flash Memory (with and without Player) up to 4 GB flash memory for direct storage without PC required
3. On Logger Hard Disk Memory (with and w/o Player) up to 120 GB Memory

Digital Extension Logger from 4 Ports (PCI Card Based)

PRI Logger with Web client & Live Barge In client

Pri Voice Logger on asterisk

Voice Logger can be used at its best to monitor and control the business. Voice Logger is a software solution to record aII incoming and outgoing calls, which Iater on can be retrieved for analysis and many other purposes. Recordings start and stop automatically using either phone Iine voltage sensing or audio activation.


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